Don't you dare read this.

And don't you dare read this.

There's plenty more too but DO NOT READ IT!!! Good thing the ABJ won't cover this at all and no one in Akron will read about the FBI investigating her! I hope they don't see those payments Cordray made to her right before a trip we took together either. We were slick. The Summit Dems paid Cordray, then Cordray paid Melissa the same amount and we went on a trip. CHUMPS!

Don't you dare look up anything about Melissa! I dumped her a long time ago! You chumps pay for me to live at the YMCA now. Melissa will never ever rat me out. I will never ever wear an uniform that matches my skin color.

Mayor Don Plusquellic has spent millions of dollars in 'consulting' fees over the years (including plenty of fees to his ex-girlfriend the aforementioned Melissa Barnhart) and yet no one advised him to purchase his domain name nor! In this day and age, any public figure should own their domain name. This website is in no way affiliated with Mayor Don Plusquellic. This website is also not affiliated in anyway with Mike Williams.

This website is protected free speech, factual, and includes some parody (which is protected free speech).